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Testimonials from Our New York Clients

Read testimonials from our clients who have came in for a session at our NY Clinic or rented a home system how they experienced the training.

“The process is deceptively simple — being hooked up to a neurofeedback machine, and sitting quietly. Afterwards there’s a subtle but powerful shift in feeling — I feel more present, and relaxed, and have greater well being. It’s been very effective feeling relaxed at my stressful work.”

– Rob, NYC


I did a neurofeedback intensive—15 sessions in 15 days—out of my life-long interest in potentiating myself.  I saw a distinct improvement in my awareness and in my ability to release habitual thoughts.

– 52-year-old life coach

This is after 6 sessions of neurofeedback:

“Neurofeedback is utterly fascinating!  The effects lie beyond conscious control, yet within the field of perceptible awareness.  I walk out synchronized and in step, every time.  I look forward to my sessions because I know I’m going to have a good night’s sleep when I get home.  This type of work is a must for any healer or meditator.”

On Renting the Neurofeedback Home Unit

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with me. I looked forward to each session and as a result I feel more relaxed, calmer, and less stressed out. In addition, I believe I am more focused and content. I would highly recommend your modality to anyone.”

– Janet F, New York (rented a home system for three months)


“Thank YOU for all your wisdom and guidance in turning my son into the calmer, happier boy I knew he could be.. .and by turn all of us too!”

– Emily (Family rented Neurofeedback NY home unit to train kids for three months)

“Dear Natalie and Kate, Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with me. I looked forward to each treatment and as a result I feel more relaxed, calmer, and less fearful and worried. In addition, I believe I am more focused and content. I would highly recommend your modality to anyone.”

– Janet F, New York (rented the Neurofeedback home unit for three months)

If interested in a rental, go to our website dedicated on home system equipment rentals

Neurofeedback NY – NeurOptimal Sessions

“I have used neuofeedback over the past several months for 3 or 4 session intervals at a time and have felt discernible subtle differences in my reactivity and levels of agonizing thoughts”

– I.B., NYC

“During an incredibly stressful time in my life when struggling with feeling low I was directed to neurofeedback.

In the beginning I couldn’t tell whether there was a difference or not but after several weeks of sessions my moods began to change, my ability to handle the stresses I was facing became much more manageable and my focus was enhanced in all that I did.  Somehow it helped me become more separate from the feelings – that is… that the feelings and worry and stress I would experience was not actually me but just circumstances and things happening in my world that I had to deal with.

My depression has lessened and my focus has been enhanced.  I am an artist and have struggled with completing projects or making headway on projects for a long time especially since having a child.  I have come back into myself and started to make progress with my work.

Whenever I am starting to lose my way or feeling the anxiety arising again if I have another session or two of neurofeedback and it helps me get back on track.  It makes no sense to me but I do experience results.”

I am 44, a mother and an artist, Neurofeedback NY client, NYC  (30 neurofeedback sessions)

“I feel more energized – more able to concentrate. Things that in the past would have bothered or depressed me, now just seem to melt away. I’m more able to take charge.”

65-yr-old, Neurofeedback NY client, NYC, (14 neurofeedback sessions)

“This is one of those things in life where the results are what’s important. The process is deceptively simple — I feel more present, and relaxed, and have greater well being.

– Robert, Neurofeedback NY Client

Neurofeedback for Kids

“My 9-year-old daughter did 6 sessions in 5 days to help with her fears. I am happy to report that a week after her neurofeedback sessions she said to me that she never wanted to watch a scary movie again because for the first time in her life she wasn’t afraid.

36-year-old mother to 9 year old daughter, NYC, (child completed 6 neurofeedback sessions)

Learn more about neurofeedback for kids

“In the last 11 months or so, I have recieved somewhere between 40 and 50 treatments of Neurofeedback for my PTSD and all of it’s offshoots of anxiety disorders.
These treatments have literally changed my life. One of the things that has occurred as a result of the Neurofeedback is that I have become less shy and afraid of interacting with strangers…”

B.V. Writer, Neurofeedback NY patient in NYC, (40-50 neurofeedback sessions)

“My wife has greatly benefited from neurofeedback. Since her first session I have noticed a lightness, relaxation and ease about her. When problems arise they’re dealt with with a greater sense of humor and patience. She’s more her true self than ever before.”

T, husband, NYC, (wife completed 30 neurofeedback sessions)

Neurofeedback for Personal Growth

“Neurofeedback with Natalie Baker, has been the the best thing I’ve ever done to improve my life, both personally and creatively. I find it gives me a wonderful sense of peace, not unlike meditation, and effortlessly, it has helped me deal with my everyday upsets, anger, confusion, and the anxiety that I’ve dealt with for so many years.

My family has seen noticeable changes in my behavior with them, and my older grandchildren. I feel Neurofeedback has kept me from becoming an old curmudgeon. I’m 76, a former Illustrator, now an fine artist, and had begun to feel my numbers after falling down stairs outside my house twice in less than a year.

Since the beginning of this year I began Neurofeedback, mostly once a week, I find my brain, and my body have a stronger sense of creative flow, moving and seeing so many new possibilities, more alive and sensitive, flowing like a river with a keener sense of layering of sounds, fractal images with different layers of colors and designs, flowing and moving through my mind, enabling me to see many new visual possibilities, drifting with the music & visual fractals on the screen melding in my mind. I think, how can I change my painting from the static to the wonderful journey I have every week exploring the effects of Neurofeedback, the awareness of the colors, from pastels to richness, the softness to the linear, then drifting off to sleep, again the fantastic journey exploring shapes, colors, movements and angles, with sounds coursing and connecting me. What a joy! What a gift to experience!

I so look forward to my session and I’m now waiting for my 18th, next week. Thanks so much for what this has done for me Natalie.”

– 76 year old artist and illustrator, NYC, (17 neurofeedback sessions)

Neurofeedback for Stress

“I have been intrigued by neurofeedback for some time, having read about its success enhancing mental performance. Some pro athletes use the training to improve their performance, and since I work on Wall Street, I thought it could support my work as well. I have completed 15 sessions and I can say neurofeedback has had a positive impact. Early on my senses felt clearer and, as others reported, I fell to sleep more deeply. However, the greatest impact is that I feel more mentally grounded and focused.”

– 51 year old Financial Advisor, NYC, (15 neurofeedback sessions)

“After only a few session of neurofeedback, I felt much more relaxed. I wasn’t sure if it was due to the neurofeedback therapy session, but now after seven sessions I sleep better, my focus is clearer, and I’m able to catch my destructive habitual patterns quicker before they escalate.”

– 38-year-old Art Director, NYC, (7 neurofeedback sessions)

“After ten neurofeedback therapy sessions, I’ve noticed that I wake up feeling cheerful. I procrastinate less at work, and feel at ease in social situations that I used to dread.”

– C.D., Teacher, Westchester, NY (10 neurofeedback sessions)


Neurofeedback for Focus & Learning

“I started brain training as an experiment with no set expectations.  After the first six sessions, I found that I was sleeping more soundly and that I no longer woke up prior to my alarm clock ringing. I am now on my 12th session, and have completed lengthy tasks that I have put off due to the hours of concentration that were required of me.  I am not sure if the ability to focus for longer periods of time is a result of my better sleeping habits, or is due to re-training my brain to focus on present activities.  Either way, I have had positive outcomes since staring neurofeedback.”

– 55 year old man, Westchester NY (12 neurofeedback sessions)

Neurofeedback for Improving Sleep 

“I have been averaging 5-5 1/2  hours of sleep for the past 30 plus years regardless of when I go to sleep.  Since starting Neurofeedback, (7 neurofeedback therapy sessions), I have been sleeping later on weekends . . and enjoying a longer deeper sleep on weekdays. I now have to use an alarm clock to get up in the AM. Its still early in my “brain training”, but I look forward to noticing what other positive effects i will have as a result.  I understand that other participants, have been able to increase their concentration and relieve anxiety.  I would recommend reading the literature, and seeing if this program is for you.”

– A., NYC, (7 neurofeedback sessions)

Professionals Who Have Tried Neurofeedback

“I have used neurofeedback over the past several months for 3 or 4 session intervals at a time and have felt discernible subtle differences in my reactivity and levels of stress. At moments when I might normally begin to feel agitated, my mind and body have felt steady and focused and undisturbed by outside provocation..I highly recommend this wonderful scientific technique to facilitate the brain’s ability to help itself and have recommended it to many of my clients!”

“I regard Neurofeedback as one of those “speed healing” helpers. It is a way for both myself and my clients to reach a higher and deeper layer of healing in a very self-nurturing way. It allows me to center myself and thereby tune into my own core healing. I recommend Neurofeedback and Natalie Baker to my clients as well, to help them soften the struggles that often are part of the journey of self-healing.”

– Jeanette,

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