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neurofeedback helped with my anxiety

Ellie’s Review on Neurofeedback

After 20 NeurOptimal sessions at Neurofeedback NY I’m feeling much more energized, happier and healthier than I have in years. I would highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone struggling in their lives.

neurofeedback case study

Neurofeedback Case Study on Anxiety: “Pulling Out Of Ruts”

By Heather Coleman, LCSW & Certified Neurofeedback Trainer: ” When I joined Neurofeedback NY as a trainer and psychotherapist, I was curious to see how doing the neurofeedback on myself would affect me.”

Neurofeedback NY Case Study: Seamless change towards a better sex life!

When the brain is making the gradual transition from living in a state of activation or the fight/flight/freeze response, it takes a while to make those new neural pathways. As a consequence slowly our behaviors and our perception of the world change too. Jeremy’s story is an example of what we call the “seamless changes” that are brought about by neurofeedback training.

before and after checklist

Neurofeedback ADHD Case Study: Before and After Checklist

Jim who trained for ADHD symptom relief, came in after 10 sessions of neurofeedback combined with talk therapy and said, “Can we do another Checklist of Concern form because I think I’m feeling better but I’m not sure what’s different.”

The Worrier Warrior: Working with Depression through Brain Training

We’ve come a long way in our understanding of the brain and brain functioning in producing the symptoms we call anxiety and depression. In the mental health field we used to think of them as ‘mind’ problems, but now we’ve come to understand that they are also brain problems.