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NYC Neurofeedback Clinic – NeurOptimal Sessions & Rentals

Neurofeedback NY is a Neurofeedback Training Clinic in NYC (Union Square) specializing in optimizing brain functioning–resulting in peak performance and alleviation of symptoms.

Our trainers are also educated therapists and one can either schedule a talk therapy combined with a neurofeedback session or do neurofeedback training alone.

Our location is in Manhattan, NY. 32-24 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003

Looking for Neurofeedback outside of NYC?

The Neurofeedback system can also be rented or purchased for home use. Visit our sister website, dedicated to home rentals and purchases. We also have affiliates outside of New York, see this page here.

Neurofeedback NY Clinic in NYC


Natalie N. Baker
NYC Psychotherapist and Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer, Founder of Neurofeedback NY  & Neurofeedback Rental in New York

Heather Coleman
NYC Therapist, Certified NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Trainer & Life Coach

Alison PepperLCSW, Psychotherapist & Neurofeedback Trainer.

Alex LambertNeurofeedback Training Technician & Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer

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Train during our Clinic Hours on Saturday at reduced price. The first NeurOptimal session costs $95, (regular price is $125 per session). Schedule your session with NY Neurofeedback Trainer Clinician Alex.

During the weekdays, cost per session is $150 and/or $200 depending scheduling a therapy and neurofeedback session combined. Sessions are with either Heather or Alison, both experienced neurofeedback trainers and NYC therapists. Alison is also bilingual therapist in English and Spanish.


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