NYC : 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003
Sessions & Rentals: Call Alison 929-352-3504


NYC Neurofeedback Clinic – NeurOptimal Sessions & Rentals

Neurofeedback NY Clinic, NYC:

80 E 11Th St., Suite 310, New York, NY 10003. Call (347) 860-4778 to schedule an appointment.

Neurofeedback NY office location in New York City

Neurofeedback NY office in New York City


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South Pasadena Neurofeedback Clinic - NeurOptimal Neurofeedback in LA


Located in South Pasadena, 15 min east of downtown Los Angeles. Click here for more information. To make an appointment, contact sara at


Neurofeedback Rental

Do Neurofeedback at Home – Rent our NeurOptimal Home System!

Our neurofeedback home system is also available for rent and can either be picked up at no cost at one of our locations in US: NYC, Boulder, CO and South Pasadena, CA. Or, it can also be shipped throughout US and Canada.  Go to our website dedicated to neurofeedback rentals here. The neurofeedback system is the same equipment we use in our clinic. It’s easy to use and convenient to rent, especially for families who would like to train together.