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Neurofeedback NY (Also Neurofeedback Training Co. ) provide NeurOptimal® sessions and neurofeedback system rental equipment from Zengar©.  Our neurofeedback trainers are also experienced therapists and one can do a neurofeedback session in conjunction with therapy.

Our main office is located in Manhattan close to Union Square at 32 Union Square East, Suite 1017, New York, NY 10003. We also have other locations in Colorado and California.


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We have several therapists that specializes in PTSD, ADHD, addiction recovery, depression and anxiety. Kid-friendly environment.

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Neurofeedback NY Clinic


Advanced Neurofeedback Home Rentals & NeurOptimal® products are also available.  We ship throughout US & Candada. Learn more on our website for rentals; neurofeedbacktraining.com

As a Zengar* representative you can also purchase the equipment from us. The system for purchase and rent can be used at home and provides the same training as in our office. We also sell the professional unit which can be used at your healthcare clinic or psychotherapy practice.

Call us today for a consultation to learn the best brain training option for you.

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