Neurofeedback Training Clinic in NYC, offering NeurOptimal® neurofeedback, psychotherapy and neurofeedback home rental equipment from Zengar©.  Located in Manhattan close to Union Square, 80 E. 11th St #310, New York, NY 10003. We also  recently opened an affiliate in Los Angeles (South Pasadena & Northeast LA).


 Our Neurofeedback Trainers


Natalie N. Baker
Natalie Baker, NY Psychotherapist Natalie Baker, Certified Neurofeedback NY Trainer

LMHC, Licensed Psychotherapist & Advanced Certified Zengar Neurofeedback Trainer, Founder of Neurofeedback NY & Neurofeedback Rental

Services: Neurofeedback and/or Psychotherapy

NYC Location: 80 E 11th St #310, New York, NY 10003. See map

Phone: 347-860-4778

Natalie is certified as an advanced NeurOptimal® neurofeedback trainer and is the founder of Neurofeedback NY.  She has been working as a psychotherapist since 1999 and has been a practicing Buddhist since 1991. Given her Western training in psychology and psychotherapy and her Eastern training in Buddhism and meditation, Natalie brings a broader perspective to mental health and well-being. In 2010 she added neurofeedback to her practice to support changing negative habits on the structural or brain level.  Natalie work on three levels: physical, psychological, and spiritual.  Some clients want all three levels, some come just for the physical (neurofeedback training). Learn more



ellenEllen Shewmaker, MS & Neurofeedback Technician

Services: Neurofeedback, Therapy

NYC Location: 80 E 11th St #310, New York, NY 10003. See map

Phone: (347) 443-8388


Ellen holds an MA in Art Therapy/Counseling in addition to a BFA and BA in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Ellen has experience working with children, adolescents and adults in the US and abroad.  She is currently on track to become a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist.   Ellen’s unique art therapy techniques add a creative, and right brain, approach to the usual left brain analytic/scientific approach to neurofeedback training.    

Heather ColemanHeather Coleman, New York Psychotherapist and Neurofeedback NY Trainer, LMSW, Neurofeedback NY Trainer, Practicing clinician since 2006

Services: Neurofeedback (and/or Therapy and Life Coaching)

NYC Location: 80 E 11th St #310, New York, NY 10003. See map

Phone:  (347) 708-6177


“In our work together, we will use techniques from meditation, body awareness practices, neurofeedback, cognitive-behavioral psychology and solution-focused therapy, while continuously using your present moment experience as information for healing and growth. I have a respectful curiosity and compassion for all of my clients and will encourage you to approach yourself, your story, and mind in the same way”. Learn more



alex neurofeedback ny technicianAlex Lambert

Neurofeedback NY technician & Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer

NYC Location:  80 E 11th St #310, New York, NY 10003. See map

Phone: 347-674-7601


Alex Lambert is a psychology student at Hunter College and has the intention of becoming a psychotherapist.  He is most interested in the mind, cognition, and the nervous system.  Alex has been a Buddhist practitioner for the past 8 years as well as a drummer since the age of 9.  He teaches drum lessons to children and adults in his spare time.


  • Clinic Hours: Saturdays, 1 pm – 5 pm. Schedule an appointment here*
  • Neurofeedback Clinic Sessions are with Alex and only available on Saturdays
  • Neurofeedback Clinic fee is $95 per session (normal fee ranges from $125 to $200 per session)
  • After trying neurofeedback at our clinic hours, clients have the option to rent our system for home use. For more information go to


Ffg5Sara St. John

Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer in Los Angeles, Neurofeedback Rental manager for California

“I’ve been doing neurofeedback training for five years and recently became a certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer. I have hooked up almost everyone in my family and have seen many positive outcomes from neurofeedback training. I strongly believe that neurofeedback can help you live your life more fully.

Contact Sara for an appointment in LA (South Pasadena) or click here to learn about our neurofeedback home rental system.


Phone: 323-686-2717


Kate Linsley, Neurofeedback NY Assistant and Neurofeedback Trainer New York

Kate Linsley, Certified NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Trainer in Boulder, Colorado. Neurofeedback Rental manager for New York and Colorado area.

Phone: 347-770-5283


Colorado:  1113 Spruce Street, Suite 406, Boulder CO 80302

Neurofeedback equipment for rent also available at our website. We ship the neurofeedback home system directly to your home!