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A response to Christian Jarrett Ph.D Psychology Today Article

Read the article and the comments in the much criticized Psychology Today article by Christian Jarrett Ph.D : “Read this before paying $100s for neurofeedback therapy“ Posted by Natalie Baker, Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer and founder of Neurofeedback NY:   “Thanks for providing the opportunity for this discussion. Here’s a study showing effectiveness on ADHD from neurofeedback on the AAP’s website from…
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Family Matters: 5 Ways to Boost the Effectiveness of Neurofeedback Training

When you decide to give a family member’s brain a boost from neurofeedback—whether it’s an ADHD child or your anxious partner—enhance effectivenss by training yourself too!

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Article: Largest neurofeedback study ever funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health for ADHD

Article: Largest neurofeedback study ever funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health for ADHD

A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D. Article on The New York Times

“A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D.” – A Comment on The New York Times Article

Read a commentary on the article about A.D.H.D posted in The New York Times from the founder of Neurofeedback NY and Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer in New York, Natalie Baker.

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Scientific American™ Article: Neurofeedback Increases Affection, Builds Empathy

Quote from news article: By contrast, subjects who received neurofeedback showed significantly stronger affiliative brain activity in their last trials compared with their first ones. In other words, something about seeing their brain’s changes intensified that response over subsequent trials.

Article: Brain training in schools?

Neurofeedback works like this: you are hooked up to instruments that measure your brain activity (usually via electroencephalography or functional magnetic resonance imaging) and feed it back to you via auditory or visual feedback.

Article: “School-based brain training shown to alleviate ADHD”

With more than one in 10 children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, parents and doctors alike have been eager to find alternatives to prescription stimulant medications like Ritalin or Adderall.

A Buddhist Perspective on Neurofeedback “Treatment”

A dialogue between Dr. Brod (EEGym) and founder of Neurofeedback NY and meditation teacher Natalie Baker on the Buddhist perspective on Neurofeedback “treatment”.

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Neurofeedback News: Helping Children

“With each session the goal is to balance the brain activity. As the child relaxes, watching a movie, the neurofeedback system is monitoring her brain waves and gently training her brain to regulate itself to the images and sounds. “What we are doing is allowing her brain to reduce its turbulence on it’s own. We’re not pushing the brain.”

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New Neurofeedback Study Offers Hope for Chemo Brain Sufferers

Neurofeedback brain training regimen reverses cognitive impairment symptoms in over 90% of chemo brain patients tested, a new study by The Applied Brain Research Foundation of Ohio shows.