We offer several ways to do neurofeedback training with the NeurOptimal system:

1. Schedule a SESSION AT OUR NYC neurofeedback CLINIC

Neurofeedback session, or combined Therapy and Neurofeedback sessions available. Our therapists are also certified NeurOptimal neurofeedback trainers. Learn more about our trainers here.

Schedule a Session



2. ADVANCED Neurofeedback Home System Rentals

Rent an advanced neurofeedback device and do brain training at home – Save in cost from office visits! Pick up the neurofeedback equipment at our NYC location at no cost or have it shipped to your home for a flat-rate of $30 (Canada shipment is $50).

Same effective brain training as in our clinics. 


3. Buy a Neurofeedback UNIT for Home Use or Professional Use

We’re NeurOptimal representatives so you can buy the system directly from us and we can guide you into which system would work best for you.  Price range from $7000 and up. Contact us below to schedule a phone call with Natalie, Advanced NeurOptimal Neurofedback Trainer and NeurOptimal/Zengar representative.