Do Neurofeedback at Home

neurofeedback at homeWe ship the neurofeedback rental system anywhere in the US or Canada.

If you’re in Denver/Boulder or LA, NY area, you can pick up your machine at no extra cost. Go to our new website Neurofeedback Rental, dedicated to neurofeedback home equipment rental to learn more. We currently have a wait-list of 2-3 weeks. Start renting today!


Why do neurofeedback training at home?

  • Convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Suitable for children

The rental equipment is the SAME technology as the in-office system. 



Same System

The neurofeedback home system is the same technology as the professional neurofeedback system used in the office.

You quickly learn how to hook up themselves or loved ones, either through an in-person tutorial, or through video (see below) and skype lessons.


Easy to Use

You might listen to music or watch a movie during which you may notice very brief pauses in the sound or image.

The very precise timing of these interruptions gives the brain vital information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You don’t have to do anything while all this is happening.

Non-invasive and Safe Method

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a 100% non-invasive, safe method for restoring serenity, confidence and wellness back into your life. There are many positive outcomes when neurofeedback training was utilized with clients coping with ADD, ADHD, PTSD disorder, Alzheimers disease, autism, sleep disorders, insomnia and cognitive dysfunction from chemo-therapy.

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