Training Options & Cost

Neurofeedback therapy available in New York City or for rent to use at home.


Neurofeedback NY office location in New York City


1. Neurofeedback with advanced Neurofeedback Trainer Natalie in NYC.

Sessions with Natalie (Psychotherapist and Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer) are $200 each. Some clients opt for simultaneous talk therapy and neurofeedback and some for neurofeedback alone.  Call Natalie at 347-860-4778 for more details.


2. Neurofeedback with Heather


3. Rent the Personal System and do brain training at home.

The neurofeedback equipment rental can be shipped anywhere in US or Canada.

Based on our experience and for best results, we encourage people to use the personal trainer at least twice a week for 3 months at a time. The personal system is available with the following pricing schedule:

  • 1st month = $700 (includes 10 sessions; additional sessions are $25 each)
  • 2nd month = $600 (includes 10 sessions; additional sessions are $25 each)
  • 3rd month = $500 (includes 10 sessions; additional sessions are $25 each)

The Neuroptimal personal system is the same technology as the professional system used in the office.  Clients quickly learn how to hook up themselves or loved ones, either through an in-person tutorial, or through video (see below) and skype lessons.

For more information about the home system click here or call Kate at (347) 770-5283