Training Options & Cost

We offer several ways to do neurofeedback training:

1. Neurofeedback Rental:

Rent a Neurofeedback Home System and do brain training at home.

Pick the equipment up at our office locations in NYC, Boulder or LA. The neurofeedback equipment can also be shipped anywhere in US or Canada.

The Neurofeedback rental system is the same technology as the professional system used in the NYC & LA office.  Clients quickly learn how to hook up themselves or loved ones, either through an in-person tutorial, or through video and skype lessons. Go to Neurofeedback Rental website to learn about costs and how to rent the equipment.


2. Neurofeedback NY Office Training

Some clients opt for simultaneous talk therapy and neurofeedback and some for neurofeedback alone.

  • Train with Heather, LCSW and Certified NeurOptimal Trainer. Phone: 347-708-6177.  Cost $125.
  • Train with Natalie, Psychotherapist and Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer. Phone: 347-860-4778. Cost $200.


3. Neurofeedback Clinic Hours in NYC

Neurofeedback clinic hours on Saturdays are at a discounted rate at $95/session(reg. $125). Saturdays only. Learn more

Special Offer for new clients: $150 for three neurofeedback sessions. Regularly $285. 

To schedule an appointment call Alex at 347-674-7601 or email


4. Neurofeedback Clinic Hours in LA

Email Sara at to set up an appointment. Office locations in Westwood (Saturdays) and NorthEast LA (Thursdays & Fridays).


Please note: 24 hour advance cancelation notice is required for any of our appointments.